Sew Nice & Easy
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                                      Sew Nice & Easy is aware of the multiple needs there are around the sewing world.
                                      We offer a few services to help sewers.

Starting in March, we will offer
Sewing machine clean up and tune up service = $ 50

Scissors Sharpening
We offer proffesional scissors sharpening for $ 5 a pair.
Next time you come to class bring
your scissors and we'll make them like new again.

We offer alteration services.
Skirt / dress hem = $ 8
Pants hem = $ 6
Jacket's sleeve = $15
Waist = $ 8
Zipper replacement = $ 8
Heirloom Technique
  Being a Martha Pullen licensed teacher, Patricia is able to teach and provide heirloom services.
The French sewing technique includes:
-Lace to lace -Lace to fabric -Lace to entredeux -Entredeux to flat fabric -Gathered lace to entredeux - Entredeux to gathered lace.

Shape your lace into diamonds, hearts, scallops, skirts or tied lace bows.

Learn about us. New summer camp schedule 2014.  Look at the class description and choose. You can schedule a class online. Find out about all the services we offer and check out our tutorials. Please do not  hesitate to contact us for any further info.

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