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Intro to sewing - $ 55 all supplies included
Very first time sewing?  You will be guided into the world of sewing, learning about threading, fabric, cutting, sewing techniques like pivoting, guiding the fabric, pressing.  Leave the class with a completed project you will be proud of.
Intro to serging - $ 60 all supplies included.
The serger is a marvelous seing equipment.  Gather a sewing notebook about the serger.  Leave with a finished project.
Heirloom sewing - $65 all supplies & french lace included
Choose from these classes:
-- Lace shaping:  french lace is a great way to embelish and add romance to any sewing project.  Leave with a finished project.
--Baby Booties: 0 to 3 month - 3 to 6 months - 6 to 12 months
--Baby bibs: make a beautiful baby bib for boy or girl. Make a great baptism gift.
Pattern Making - $65 all pattern paper included
-- Basic bodice:  learn how to manipulate the darts on the basic pattern for a designer look
-- Basic sleve:  change the shape of a basic sleeve
-- Basic skirt:  learn how to change the silhouette of a basic A-line skirt.
Fabric Loop Curtain - $40 (2 hr class) + $20 supplies
When the look has to be soft but not busy, this curtain is the perfect choice.  Fabric loops at the top slip over a decorative rod and the fabric panel falls in soft folds below.  This is a look that goes from casual to dressy, depending on your fabric choice and room accessories.  The curtain is unlined and can be custom-cut to fit your specific window. The sample is made to fit a window that is 14" wide and 16" long with a frame depth of 1 1/2".
Skills learned:
- how to measure a window and determine faabric requirement
-- how to cut fabric. find the grain line
-- how to press a double hem
-- proper pinning
-- top stitching
Rod Pocket Curtain Sample - $40 (2 hr class) + $20 supplies
This simple curtain syte adds a soft touch to any room.  The rod pocket is easy to construct and the curtain just slips onto a rod, creating gathers in fabric.  Your fabric choice will determine whether the look is soft and romantic, or heavy and rich.  A shorter version of this curtain makes a great valence.  The curtain is unlined and can be custom cut to fit your specific window.  The sample is made to fit a window that is 14" wide and 16" long.
Skills learned:
-- how to cut fabric. find the grain line
-- how to press a double hem
-- proper pinning
--top stitching.
Table Runner - $40 (2 hr class) + $15 supplies
Perfect for casual or formal dining.  This runner is so easy to make that you will want one for every occasion.  The sides edges are finished with a narrow hem, then just fold and stitch to make a perfect point at each end.  You have the option of attaching a tassel at each point for a more dressed up look.  The finished runner measures 70" long and 14" wide.
Skills learned:
-- proper pinning, measuring and curring
-- top stitching
-- how to finish the raw edges of the fabric.  sewing options or serger option
A note about supplies: you may get the supplies at any fabric store and get them here at the studio; a supply list will be given prior the class.


 Martha's quilted wall hanging - $30 (2hr class) ea block = 2 hr or total 8 hr class + one time supply fee.
The wall hanging is composed of three pieced star blocks, plus a half-block turned on point for the lower end. Each block is numbered according to its place in the finished wall hanging. The center panel is surrounded with an inner border, and a wide outer border is edges with binding. Straight-line and free motion quilting techniques are used.
Free set of instruction when you sign up for this class.
Martha’s Patchwork Sampler quilt - Free set of instruction when you sign up for the wall hanging class.
The quilt is composed of pieced blocks alternated with plain blocks; four different pieced block designs are repeated in different color combinations. The king size quilt requires 25 blocks, all other sizes have fifteen blocks. The inner and middle border are the same for all sizes; the width of the outer border is adjusted to accommodate different bed sizes. Straight-line and free motion quilting techniques are used, and the edges are finished with a 3/8 inch self-binding
Martha's throw pillow - $40 (2 hr class) + supplies
Easy construction and elegant fabrics make this pillow a must-have item! Two coordinated fabrics, looped fringe, and rope cording create a true designer look that can be easily adapted for any decoration theme. The rectangular pillow is generously sized at 21-1/2” wide and
``-1/4” long.
Make up bag - $50 (2 hr class) all included
This roomy little bag is perfect travel accessory, and it makes a great gift! A zipper at the top holds everything in place, and the corners are cleverly stitched to make a flat bottom. A wide band of grosgrain adds a decorative touch to the front of the quilted bag. The finished bag measures 8” wide by 7” tall and 2” deep.
Martha's Elastic Waist A-lined Skirt - $40 (2 hr class) + supplies
You can’t beat this skirt for quick construction and easy fitting! A casing at the waist holds elastic for a perfectly fitted waist, and soft gathers fall over the hips. Several of these in different fabrics will stretch your wardrobe! The skirt is sized XS to 4 XL.
Martha's A-lined Skirt with darts - $60 (3 hr class) + supplies
Add a tailored look to a basic skirt with darts, a zipper, and a wait facing made of fabric or ribbon. The waist is flat with no band, and the skirt lies smoothly over the hips. Decorative hem options make this versatile wardrobe piece. The skirt is sized XS to 4 XL
Martha's pullover blouse - $60 (3 hr class) + supplies
This basic pullover blouse is made with set in sleeves (long or short) and a back neck slit with a button and loop closure. The neck edge is finished with a facing, and bust darts are optional. You’ll need several of these to go with skirts, pants! The blouse is sized XS to 4 XL.
Martha's Purse - $80 (4 hr class) + supplies
You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make this designer-look accessory! The use of multiple fabrics adds color and texture, and tasseled trim gives the finished bag a rich look. Pockets on the inside are custom-designed to hold a cell phone, glasses, and other essentials. You’ll want more than one! The smaller purse measures 19-1/2” wide by 10” tall and 10” deep and closes with a tassel across the opening; the larger purse is 25-1/2” wide by 13” tall and 13” deep and closes with a zipper.
Martha's Tote - $60 (3 hr class) + supplies
This tote is as much for fun as for function! The inside is lined, and several pockets keep everything organized. Batting adds shape and make the bag sturdy. The finishing touch is a row of decorative trim across the upper edge-feathers or fringe make a real fashion statement! This roomy bag measures 12-1/2” tall by 13’1/2 wide and 4-1/2” deep.
Martha's Crazy patch pillow - $60 (3 hr class) An extra free hr for decorative top stitch.
Crazy patch is fun and easy, and is the perfect way to combine scraps from all of the soft furnishing in the room, to create a one-of-a kind accessory. You also get to play with decorative threads and all of the embellishment stitches on your sewing machine; rope cording finishes the edges with a tassel at each corner for even more fun! The pillow finishes to 14” square.
Martha's Place mat -  $40 (2 hr class) + supplies
Get double duty out of these lined place mats by using two complementary fabrics. One side is decorated with grosgrain ribbon and the other side is plain. One thickness of batting between the layers adds body and weight for a professional look. Make matching napkins for a coordinated place setting! The finished mat measure 18-3/4” wide by 13-1/2” long.
Martha's Rag Quilt Sample - $40 (2hr class) + supplies
This the ultimate easy quilt! Layered fabric blocks are pieced together with exposed seams then laundered to fray the fabric edges. The result is a fluffy, cozy quilt that is great when you need an extra layer to keep out the chill. This is a quick and easy, no fail project! The finished quilt is 50” by 55” long.
Easy Serger-Pieced Quilt - $80 (6 hr class) + supplies
Basic serger techniques make this versatile quilt very easy to piece and contruct. Each block is pieced from fabric strips, then the blocks are alternately placed either horizontally or vertically, creating interest and movement in the design. Once the blocks are stitched together to make the center panel, the borders can be added in just a little time. Finishing and binding are also easily accomplished. Choose colors and fabric types to work with any décor.
Cover Stitch Tote - $100 (9 hr class) + supplies
Cover stitch is the technique, but see through is the main attraction! This fun bag shows off with mesh inserts at the bottom, across the top of the pockets for hidden storage inside and out, and one of them is the perfect size for a cell phone or glasses. There is also a key loop on the inside. The sections are all cover stitch in place.
Zippered Jewelry Keeper - $80 (6 hr class) + supplies
Decorative as well as functional, this is a perfect gift project. Pretty fashion fabric is used on the outside; serger chain stitch creates a grid design and attaches the front layer of padding. Exposed zippers are inserted into the flannel lining by serger to create six roomy pockets. The front is attached to the lining with piping inserted between the layers, and an attached, elasticized band wraps around to secure the roll for storage.
Precious Baby Girls Serger Bib - $50 (3 hr class) + supplies
Those precious little bundles of joy can make some pretty big messes, and this cover-up will help protect her best outfits. With padding on the inside for absorbant functionality, the outside is purely decorative. Bands on embroidered insertion are connected with a stip of bridging that is laced with silk satin ribbon; lace insertion borders the center panel and ruffled lace edges the bib. Self-fabric ties are made using a binder attachment and a cover stitch or chain stitch.
Tailored Baby Booties - $50 (2 hr class) + supplies
These tailored booties are perfect example- they will complement almost any outfit without adding a hint of fussiness. The toe area is embellished with a wide band of embroidery insertion; a ribbon casing finishes the upper edge. The booties can be quickly and easily made using basic serger techniques.
Decorative Pillow -  $80 (6 hr class) + supplies
This chic pillow is actually a study in decorative serger techniques. A band of serger pintucks minic the look of folded tucks, and a strip of piping inserted by serger separates two fabric panels; cover stitich is used as topstitching on a narrow band with turned edges, and decorative chain stitch creates a diamond grid in contrasting thread. The resulting look is very stylish and easy to accomplish. The lapped back edges are also cover stitched.
Shadow Work Pillow - $80 (6 hr class) + supplies
Cover stitch work adds a delicate hint of color to this basic pillow. A grid pattern spreads the color across the entire surface, framed by piping that is inserted by serger between the front and the back pillow layers. Another touch of color is added by the rolled hem along the edge of a wide ruffle surrounding the pillow top. The back of the pillow is closed with an exposed zipper; also set by serger.
Serger quilt of the month: a 9 month project -
Heirloom Serger quilt -
$50/session (9) (3 hr class) + one time supply fee
This nine-block quilt is anything but traditional-All of the embellishment has been worked with a serger! A potpourri of techniques makes this project a wonderful learning tool that is lots of fun to stitch. Heirloom serger tecniques connect lace, embroidery insertions, and fabrics. A rolled hem stitch creates pintucks and rolled edges for woven fabric stips. Cover stitch and flatlocking make shadow designs and provide the perfect place for weaving ribbons. The  blocks are assembled with sashing, and a wide rolled-edge ruffle border the outer edge.
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