The reason for painting is JOY for the painter; and the purpose is simply to be enjoyed, which I hope is the case for you.

The doctor is in.

The Art and Science of Medicine.The art of the emotions and the awakening of rain in our eyes.

The astonishment of color and the wonder how the final product came to pass.

From canvas to eye of the beholder to visceral autonomic reaction to


Three artist-teachers have been most helpful:

- Ron Ranson, England and
- Jan Kunz, Oregon USA - one week workshops at Dillman's Resort in Lac Du Flambeau, Wisconsin.
- Chinkok Tan, Toronto, Canada - one week workshops in Toronto and The Bay of Fundy, St. Andrews, N.B.  in Canada.

Their influence is evident.

I am indebted to ceramist Minerva Chango, for the design and creation of this website

If you download any painting for personal purposes,I would be most grateful if you would make a tax-deductible contribution in any amount to The University of Chicago, Medical Student Loan Fund, 5841 S.Maryland Ave. MC 2087, Chicago 60637, Illinois.


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