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Terralliance Technologies Inc.
2007-2010 - New Ventures Manager -
Newport Beach, CA & Houston, TX

Worldwide new business development via farmin and direct negotiation. Pre-IPO preparation. Recommended farmins in blocks in Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Kurdistan, UAE, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Philippines, Seychelles. Led data rooms technical & business analyses worldwide. Recommended farmouts in Kazakhstan, Seychelles. Offerred two Zagros blocks in Kurdistan RG, awarded seven onshore Thailand blocks and five onshore Argentina blocks. New SE Turkey oil discovery. New shale gas plays developed in Piceance Basin, CO & Haynesville in E TX, shale oil plays in Vaca Muerta & Los Molles Fms in Neuquen Basin.




Neos Geosolutions, Houston, TX and Energy Operations Argentina
2010-2012  Exploration Manager  – , Buenos Aires, Argentina (TTI affiliate)

Managing all aspects of exploration & development of unconventional oil & gas shale plays in the Vaca Muerta, Los Molles and Agrio Fms in five block, 20,000 km2 area in Neuquen Basin, Argentina. Exploring & developing traditional plays and unconventional plays created using heat from recent intrusions. Technical oversight for all geoscience data acquisition, processing, interpretation, including airborne gravity, magnetic, hyperspectral surveys & satellite remote sensing data, shale geochemistry, magnetic & remanace measurements s & spectroradiometry, velocity analysis & seismic data reprocessing. Asset evaluation, assessment & promotion, competitor analysis, partner & government relations & presentations, farmin-farmout reviews and strategy. Successful two-block farm-out to ExxonMobil Argentina Dec 12. $M70 capital raise for parent TTI Exploration.


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