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New Ventures Manager

Led New Business Development group at VC startup. Direct negotiation and farmins conducted with DMF in Thailand (11 block onshore Khorat, 7 awarded); Indonesia (Pertamina MOU), Philippines (Nido, Kairiki, PNOC, Otto SC46, 50, 51, 52, 54, 55), Vietnam (PetroVietnam in Hong Song, Mekong, Cuu Long &  Nam Con Son), Emirates (Crescent Dubai & BP Sharjah), Iraq (Kurdistan), Jordan, Kazakhstan (Max, Zharkent farmout), Turkmenistan (Caspian Sea), Seychelles (farmin acquired from Petroquest ), Argentina (Canadon del Puma, farmin from Chevron), Colombia (Petro Santander), Peru (Petrobras TEA blocks, Hess 118-120), Trinidad (farmin from Captiva).  Seismic data contractor acquisition & reprocessing negotiations. Airborne potential field survey negotiations. Government, partner, shareholder & NOC technical presentations.

Proven World Class Prospect Generator
World-class prospects generated in deepwater Nigeria (Usan, Usan W, Ukot, Ina, Awaka, Omo; Exxon Exploration); Norway (Amundsen, Tunfisk & Hval; Esso Norway);  Australia (Kingfish & Longtom; Esso Australia); Spain (Betica 14-1 & 7-1 and Somalia Meregh-1; Esso Exploration); Thailand (Tantawan, Benchamas North, Benchamas, Maliwan, Kung/Chaba, Jarmjuree; Pogo Producing, B8/32 Thailand); New Zealand (Toro, Koru & Punga; Pogo Producing, PEPs 38488-9).

Proven Giant (1 GBOE) Oil Field Discoverer
Esso Australia Gippsland Basin fields: East Kingfish, Longtom; Esso Exploration, Nigeria (OPL 222/223) fields: Usan, Usan W, Ukot, Ina, Awaka, Omo; Pogo Producing Company, Thailand (Block B8/32) fields: Tantawan, Benchamas, Maliwan, Kung/Chaba, Jarmjuree.

Proven Giant (4 GBOE) Oil Field Developer
Kingfish, Marlin, Turrum & Sunfish fields (Esso Australia); Tantawan, Benchamas, Maliwan, Kung/Chaba & Jarmjuree fields (Thaipo, Thailand).

30 Yrs Worldwide Oil &Gas Experience
Acquisition, processing & interpretation of  2D/3D seismic,  gravity, magnetic & geochem data in Australia (Gippsland), New Zealand (Taranaki), China (Beibu & Pearl), North Sea (UK, N & DK sectors), France (Paris, Jura, Aquitaine, Rhone), Spain (Betica), Portugal (Algarve),  Mediterranean, Turkey (Thrace, SE thrust belt), Somalia, US Gulf Coast (fed LA/TX),  Argentina (Neuquen), Brazil (Reconcavo), Venezuela (Paria), Colombia (Magdalena), Peru, Vietnam (Hong Song, Mekong, Nam Con Song), Thailand, Kazakhstan, Caspian, Emirates, Iraq, Jordan, Seychelles, Philippines.

Corporate Strategic Planning
Exxon Company, International, NJ, Corporate Strategic Planning Department: Forecast Annual Worldwide New Discoveries; Developed metrics for Quarterly Affiliate Stewardship & Annual Company Plan & Budget; Recommended to Exxon Board FSU entry.

A dozen articles on regional structure, plate tectonics, geochronology and hydrocarbon exploration potential published between 1979-2006 in Bulletins of the American Association Petroleum Geologists & Geological Society of America and Tectonophysics.

Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory of Columbia University, M.A., Geology, 1979; Lawrence College, B.A., Geology, 1975, The University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, Bac., 1971. Languages: French, Spanish & Norwegian. Address:  Houston, Texas, 77004. Phone: +1 (713) 568-4057 (H), +1 (713) 501-1175 (M1), +1 (713) 907-1844 (M2). Email:


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