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If you need a proven, big oil finder, you're in the right place: The Billion Barrel Oil Finder.  Between 3 TCFE I discovered in
offshore Thailand and another 500 MBO in deepwater Nigeria I have discovered a billion barrels equivalent recoverable oil & gas reserves in a dozen major oil & gas fields. I also helped to develop another billion barrels in Gippsland basin, Australia.

Since graduating Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory in 1979, Curtis has three decades of proven experience which is now at your command. From his early years woking with Gulf Oil on Latin America, to six of Exxon's (Esso's) worldwide affiliates (UK, Australia, Norway, France, Houston and Exxon Corporate HQ in NJ), to Pogo Producing in Houston and its Thai affiliate Thaipo in Bangkok, until today in New Ventures with TTI. If its there, you can count on him to help you find it.

In Thailand B8/32 I discovered & developed giant new fields at Benchamas, Tantawan, Maliwan, Jarmjuree and Chaba/Kung. Mapping 2D & 3D seismic surveys, I designed and drilled >70 wildcat & development wells with a 97% success rate and defined ten producing platform locations.

In deepwater Nigeria I discovered half a billion barrels at Usan, W Usan, Ina,
Awaka, Omo & Ukot fields in OPLs 222 & 223.

In Australia, I led new 3D seismic reinterpretation and redevelopment of Kingfish, Marlin, Turrum & Sunfish fields in Gippsland Basin. Successful new infill drilling followed, impacting field life and reserves in these discovered giants. I also discovered Longtom field, using 2D and new high-resolution aeromagnetic data, not used there in three decades.

New Ventures areas where I have explored include Thailand, Vietnam, China, New Zealand, Australia, Nigeria, the Norwegian and North Seas (DK, UK), Spain, France , Somalia, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, Columbia & Venezuela, among others.

After living abroad for a decade, I am fluent in French and proficient in several others languages. 
Want to leverage this exceptional background? Take advantage of a unique opportunity to grow your upstream business, whether in new ventures, business development, exploration or field development, for your short or long term needs, please contact me for help with your next billion. 











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