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Esso Rep

1988-91 Senior Exploration Geophysicist,
Bordeaux, France, Exploration Department, New Concepts Group. Regional studies of petroleum potential of French (Aquitaine, Atlantic, Bresse, Channel, Jura, Mediterranean, Paris, Rhone & Rhine) and adjacent Swiss & German basins. Seismic sequence stratigraphic analysis of Paris Basin & assessment of D'HYCA blocks. Integrated seismic, gravity, magnetics, log & geochemical interpretation of Jura thrust belt-Bresse graben. Formulated regional geophysical bases for Esso's Jura permit oil discoveries Chalyriat & La Chandeliere. Integrated log, seismic, gravity & magnetics interpretation of N. Aquitaine, geophysical basis for Esso's Les Pins, Les Arbousieres, Courbey & Pegase discoveries. Led offshore Aquitaine Cap Ferret Ocean acreage application, based on role of Senonian carbonate high velocity zone and seismic pull-ups along Cazaux-Lavergne oil field trend. Rhone Valley/ Mediterranean integrated seismic, velocity, magnetics & gravity interpretation. Identified role of seismic time pull-ups beneath high velocity Messinian salt as cause for dry wildcat wells & defined new potential areas updip.


rep_01 esso_rep_02
Oil on pump, Chaunoy field, Paris Basin
Esso Parentis offshore, Bay of Biscay

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