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Esso Nigeria

   Senior Exploration Geophysicist, Exxon Exploration Co., Houston, TX, Africa-Middle East Business Unit, Nigeria Slope Project. Geoquest workstation-based 2D seismic interpretation of Nigerian continental shelf and deepwater acreage in OPLs 217, 218, 219, 220, 221, 222 & 223. 3D prospect definition in OPLs 222 & 223. Discovered 500 MBO new reserves in Usan, Usan W, Ukot, Ina, Awaka and Omo fields. Integration of seismic facies & attribute analysis, Voxelgeo 3D seismic visualization for direct detection of hydrocarbons, AVO attribute analysis and Bouguer/residual gravity data and interpretation.

500 MBO in new Nigeria OPL 222-3 fields

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