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Esso Exploration Inc.

essoexpl1983-84 Senior Petroleum Geophysicist, Houston, TX, USA, Europe-Africa Division, Circum-Mediterranean Group. Generated Turkey New Venture, acquiring three SE Turkey permits. Betics, Spain regional seismic, gravity & magnetics interpretation. Generated drilled prospects Betica 14-1 & 7-1. Portugal and Syria regional reconnaissance. Farmin evaluations.

1981-83 Senior Petroleum Geophysicist, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, England, Europe-Africa Region, Special Frontiers Projects. Turkey regional onshore/offshore seismic reconnaissance (SE Overthrust, Van, Mus, Thrace, Black Sea, Marmara, Aegean, Iskendrun, Mediterranean). Romanian & Bulgarian Black Sea seismic, gravity & magnetics reconnaissance. Betics, Spain gravity & magnetics interpretation & modeling. Po Valley, Italy farmin evaluation. Mozambique deepwater reconnaissance. Somalia Juba River velocity analysis & reservoir prediction for drilled Meregh-1 prospect. Greek Aegean Sea integrated seismic and log interpretation. E.Greenland offshore seismic reconnaissance.

1981 Senior Petroleum Geophysicist, Houston, TX, USA, Far East Exploration Division. New Zealand offshore Campbell Plateau integrated regional seismic, gravity & geochemistry evaluation.

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