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Curriculum Vitae

EDUCATION    1979, M.A., Columbia University and Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory, New York and Palisades, NY, Geology, 1975, B.A., Lawrence College, Appleton, WI, Geology, 1971, Baccalaureate, The University of Chicago, Laboratory Schools, Chicago, IL.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE    2007-present New Ventures Manager, New Business Development, Houston, TX. New business development by direct negotiation and farmin conducted in Thailand (11 block application onshore Khorat, 5 awarded), Indonesia (Pertamina MOU), Philippines (Nido, Kairiki, PNOC, Otto SC46, 50, 51, 52, 54, 55), Vietnam (PetroVietnam in Hong Song, Mekong, Cuu Long &  Nam Con Son), Emirates (Crescent Dubai & BP Sharjah), Iraq (Kurdistan block application), Jordan, Kazakhstan (Max, Zharkent), Turkmenistan (Caspian Sea block application), Seychelles (Black Marlin farmin and Petroquest acquisition), Argentina (Chevron Canadon del Puma farmin), Colombia (Petro Santander farmin), Peru (Petrobras TEA blocks, Hess 118-120), Trinidad (Captiva farmin).

1998-2007 District Geophysicist, Pogo Producing Co.,
Houston, TX. Directed acquisition, processing & interpretation of airmag/gravity survey offshore Thailand block B8/32. Discovered & delineated new B8/32 fields at S. Jarmjuree and Chaba-Kung. Sold Pogo Thailand assets in 2005 for $M820, having acquired one million acres 3D seismic, drilled 462 wells with 97% success rate, set 22 producing platforms, produced 90 MBO & 490 BCF (‘05). Pogo Denmark AS, block 13/98 & entire offshore Danish sector North Sea. Seismic acquisition, processing, interpretation yielded three prospects (Chalk, sub-chalk and JR). Pogo North Sea (UK), license P999, UKCS blocks 28/15 & 29/11. Seismic acquisition, processing, interpretation & prospect definition. Recommended farm-in to offshore China Beibu block 22-12, recent discovery. Regional 2D seismic mapping, depth conversion in Taranaki basin, New Zealand. 1500 km2 Parihaka 3D survey: survey design, illumination study, data acquisition & processing. Velocity analysis, depth conversion, PSTM & PSDM. AVO interpretation: fluid factor, A*B, Poisson’s, inversion & LMR cubes. Fault seal analysis, basin modeling. Generated Toro & Punga prospects.

1995-1998  Chief Interpreter, Pogo Producing Co., Houston, TX. Chief interpreter for all new field discoveries in development of Tantawan, Benchamas, Pakakrong & Maliwan, Thailand offshore block B8/32. Interpreted one million acres 3D seismic in B8/32, sited 10 platform locations including Tantawan B, C, D, E, Benchamas A, B, C, D, E and Maliwan B. Recommended drilling locations and defined trajectories for 46 wells: 28 wildcats (Tantawan 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16, Benchamas 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, Benchamas North 1, 2 & 3; Chongko 1 and 2; Maliwan 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7, Jarmjuree 2 & 3) and 18 development wells (Tantawan A-9, A-10, B-2, B-3, B-4, B-5, B-6, B-7, B-8, B-9, B-10, B-11, B-12, C-1, C-2, C-3, C-4 & C-5). 100% success rate for wells discovering hydrocarbons, 90% success rate for commercial wells. Raised Tantawan field net pay-count/well by 85%. Maintained Benchamas field net pay count. Added 3 TCF to company reserves. Completed pioneering seismic interpretations of 3D surveys at Tantawan North, Tantawan South, Benchamas, Pakakrong, Benchamas North, Maliwan & Jarmjuree. Onboard M/V Seisventurer for Jarmjuree 3D survey QC; pre-sail design, specs, contractor liaison; onboard velocity analysis. Liaison with B8/32 partners. Regional 2D seismic interpretation of MT-91 survey in B8/32 permit. Technical presentations & report preparation for Royal Thai government.

1994-1995   Senior Exploration Geophysicist, Exxon Exploration Co., Houston, TX, Africa-Middle East Business Unit, Nigeria Slope Project. Geoquest workstation-based 3D/2D-seismic interpretation of Nigerian continental shelf and deepwater acreage in OPLs 217, 218, 219, 220, 221, 222 & 223. 3D prospect definition in OPL 222 & 223 discovered Usan, Usan W, Ukot, Ina, Awaka and Omo adding new reserves >300 MBO. Integration of seismic facies & attribute analysis, Voxelgeo 3D seismic visualization for direct detection of hydrocarbons, AVO analysis, and Bouguer/residual gravity data.

1991-1994 Senior Exploration Geophysicist, Esso Australia Ltd, Sydney & Melbourne, Australia, Exploration & Production Departments, Gippsland Basin. Charisma workstation-based 3D-seismic reinterpretation of Kingfish, Marlin, Turrum & Sunfish oil fields. Sequence stratigraphic framework development, seismic facies & attribute analysis, and reservoir geophysics. Defined Kingfish development drilling program including W4A, W15A, W16A, W24A, W30A, A6A, A8A, A4A, B3A, B9A, B10A, B12A, B17A, B19A, B20A, B21A, 5 E and in Kingfish low-stand wedges. Wildcat prospect development: Orange Roughy, Stargazer, Hairtail, SW Kingfish A & B, S Kingfish A & B. New Kingfish, Turrum & Sunfish field reserve adds. Generated Longtom prospect by 2D seismic acquisition/interpretation & N. Gippsland Aeromagnetic Program. Integrated seismic interpretation & assessment of S. Margin Gippsland Basin New Acreage Gazettal areas.

1988-91 Senior Exploration Geophysicist, Esso REP, Bordeaux, France, Exploration Department, New Concepts Group. Regional studies of petroleum potential of French (Aquitaine, Atlantic, Bresse, Channel, Jura, Mediterranean, Paris, Rhone & Rhine) and adjacent Swiss & German basins. Seismic sequence stratigraphic analysis of Paris Basin & assessment of D'HYCA blocks. Integrated seismic, gravity, magnetics, log & geochemical interpretation of Jura thrust belt-Bresse graben. Formulated regional geophysical bases for Esso's Jura permit oil discoveries Chalyriat & La Chandeliere. Integrated log, seismic, gravity & magnetics interpretation of N. Aquitaine, geophysical basis for Esso's Les Pins, Les Arbousieres, Courbey & Pegase discoveries. Led offshore Aquitaine Cap Ferret Ocean acreage application, based on role of Senonian carbonate high velocity zone and seismic pull-ups along Cazaux-Lavergne oil field trend. Rhone Valley/ Mediterranean integrated seismic, velocity, magnetics & gravity interpretation. Identified role of seismic time pull-ups beneath high velocity Messinian salt as cause for dry wildcat wells & defined new potential areas updip.

1986-88 Strategic Planner, Exxon Company, International, Florham Park, NJ, USA, Exploration & Production Planning Department, Strategic Planning Group. Managed Exxon's Corporate Annual Forecast of World Industry 15-Year Discoveries & Production. Developed bases for corporation's annual business cycle reporting including Exxon's International Exploration Stewardship of Annual Results, Exxon Company, International's Plan & Budget & international exploration content in Exxon Corporation's Year End Report to Shareholders. Recommended entry in Former Soviet Union.

1984-86 Exploration Geophysicist, Esso Norge AS, Stavanger, Norway, Exploration Department. 10th & 11th Round Offshore License Evaluations, Haltenbanken, Halten West, More & Voring Basins, Norwegian North Sea integrating log, seismic, gravity, magnetics & geochemical interpretations. Generated drilled prospects Hval, Amundsen & Tunfisk.

1983-84 Senior Petroleum Geophysicist, Esso Exploration Inc, Houston, TX, USA, Europe-Africa Division, Circum-Mediterranean Group. Generated Turkey New Venture, acquiring three SE Turkey permits. Betics, Spain regional seismic, gravity & magnetics interpretation. Generated drilled prospects Betica 14-1 & 7-1. Portugal and Syria regional reconnaissance. Farmin evaluations.

1981-83 Senior Petroleum Geophysicist, Esso Exploration Inc, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, England, Europe-Africa Region, Special Frontiers Projects. Turkey regional onshore/offshore seismic reconnaissance (SE Overthrust, Van, Mus, Thrace, Black Sea, Marmara, Aegean, Iskendrun, Mediterranean). Romanian & Bulgarian Black Sea seismic, gravity & magnetics reconnaissance. Betics, Spain gravity & magnetics interpretation & modeling. Po Valley, Italy farmin evaluation. Mozambique deepwater reconnaissance. Somalia Juba River velocity analysis & reservoir prediction for drilled Meregh-1 prospect. Greek Aegean Sea integrated seismic and log interpretation. E.Greenland offshore seismic reconnaissance.

1981 Senior Petroleum Geophysicist, Esso Exploration Inc, Houston, TX, USA, Far East Exploration Division. New Zealand offshore Campbell Plateau integrated regional seismic, gravity & geochemistry evaluation.

1980-81 Senior Geophysicist, Gulf Oil Exploration & Production Co., New Orleans, LA, USA, Exploration Department, Seismic interpretation of offshore Louisiana Gulf of Mexico Federal Lease Blocks.

1979-80 Geophysicist, Gulf Science and Technology Co., Houston, TX, USA, Exploration Department, Latin-America Division. Offshore Amacuro Delta, Gulf of Paria, Venezuela integrated log, seismic, gravity and magnetic interpretation. Magdalena River Valley geological reconnaissance, Colombia. Caimancito prospect generation, Jujuy, Argentina. Integrated structural, gravity, modeling and interpretation, Reconcavo and Tucano Sul Basins, Brazil. NW Shelf, Australia offshore seismic reconnaissance.

1977-79 Faculty Fellow, Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory of Columbia University, Palisades, NY, USA. Structural research and field mapping in Tunisian Atlas & Corsican Alps.

1975-77 Research Assistant, The Florida State University, Department of Geology, Tallahassee, FL, USA. Structure & Geochronology (K/Ar, Rb/Sr, U/Pb) of S. Appalachians.


2006   Pogo New Zealand’s 3D Seismic: New Standards & Structural/ Stratigraphic Insights in the                  Taranaki Basin, with L. J. Christianson, C.R. Bates, R. P. Laney & G. A. Morton
1994  Contributions to Guidelines for 3-D Seismic Interpretation, Exxon Production Research Co., Houston, with D.M.Bishea, W.J. Devlin, A.M.Gombos, Jr, S.W.Fagin, D.F.Goff, et al.
1985  World Tectonic Map Series, Esso Exploration Inc & Exxon Production Research Co., Houston.
1983  Role of Fault Rejuvenation in Hydrocarbon Accumulation and Structural Evolution of   Reconcavo Basin, northeastern Brazil, Am. Assoc. Petr. geol. Bull., 69:65-76.
1982  Model for a Passive to Active Continental Margin Transition: Implications for Hydrocarbon       Exploration, Am. Assoc. Petr. geol. Bull., 66:708-718.
1981  Time and Temperature in Petroleum Formation: Application of Lopatin's Method to     Petroleum Exploration: Discussion, Am. Assoc. Petr. geol. Bull., 65:1647-1648.
1981  Age of emplacement of the Schistes lustres nappe, Alpine Corsica, Tectonophysics,             73:267-283, with R. A. Schweickert & A. L. Odom
1980  Plate Tectonic Model for the Oligo-Miocene Evolution of the Western Mediterranean, Tectonophysics, 68:283-311.
1980  Progressive Neogene Deformation of Southern Hedil, Tunisian Atlas, Am. Assoc. Petr.           geol. Bull., 64:423-427, with S. Schamel.
1980  Neogene deformation in northern Tunisia: Origin of the Eastern Atlas by microplate-   continental margin collision, Geol. Soc. Amer. Bull., 91:225-237, with S. Schamel &             P. Boyd-Kaygi.
1979  Age of emplacement of the Schistes lustres nappe, Alpine Corsica, Eos, Transactions of       the American Geophysical Union, 60 (32):603, with R. A. Schweickert, & A. L. Odom.
1979  Plate Tectonic Model for the Oligo-Miocene Evolution of the Western Mediterranean   Region, Eos, Transactions of the American Geophysical    Union, 60 (32): 604.

PROFESSIONAL HONORS & AFFILIATIONS    Who's Who in Frontiers of Science and Technology (2nd ed.), Grants in Aid of Research from The Geological Society of America, American Association of Petroleum Geologists & Society of Sigma Xi. Fellow of the Faculty of Science of Columbia University. Current/former member of American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Society of Exploration Geophysicists, American Geophysical Union, Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia, Houston Geological Society, New Orleans Geological Society.

PETROLEUM INDUSTRY TRAINING    Well Logging, Seismic Interpretation, Seismic Stratigraphy, Geochemistry, Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis, Advanced Seismic Interpretation, Gravity & Magnetics, Extensional & Contractional Tectonics, Advanced Structure, Geohistory Analysis, Assessment Methods, Basic & Advanced Carbonate Facies, Basic Clastics Facies, Deep Water Fans, Seismic Data Acquisition & Processing, Velocity & Modeling, Wave Equation Migration, Charisma Geoquest Workstation, Helicopter Survival, Firefighting.

PERSONAL   US Citizen. Languages: French fluency, read/speak Spanish & Norwegian. Address: 5925 Almeda Rd, Suite 10714, Houston TX, 77004, USA. Telephone:  +1 (713) 568-4057 (H), +1 (713) 501-1175 (M1), +1 (713) 907-1844 (M2). E-mail:



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