Mineva & Curtis

Our family flew into Houston to assist to the wedding
Our friends

-Louis and Emili, Curtis' parents and

- Ric, Curtis'  brother;  flew from Chicago,
as well as Yoni, Ric's son .

-Ruth, Curtis' sister,   Ken  and Rachel. flew from St. Louis, MO;

-Minerva, Muriel, Octavio and Yolimar, the bride's mother, daughter, brother,  and sister in law, flew in from Caracas, Venezuela.

-Naomi, Curtis' oldest daughter came in from Rochester, N.Y.

- Jenny, Emili and Pierre, Curtis'  children,  drove  from Dallas, TX.  JB came along with them.

-James B.
-Clay  R.  and  Barb
-Glenn L.  and  Nancy
-Lyn  and   Ray C.
-Gerry M.
-Marty K.and  Renee
-Mike  K. and  Debbie
-Leah  and John S.
-Geoff S. and  Leith
-Pat S.  and Kuka
-Andy C.  and  Theresa
-Rodney A. and  Camille
-Gary W.  y  Caro
-Riley B. and  Anong
-Christina A.
-Kyle G.
-Marian B