Two Abyssinian Cats  

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Our origins are uncertain, although it goes back 3000 years ago to ancient Egypt.The story says that Zula, an Egyptian female kitten named Zula, was taken by a British soldier and brought to England. This hasn't been established because there is no solid link between Zula and the cat first listed as an Abyssinian in 1882.
Others believe the Abyssinian comes from the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean and brought to Egypt and Abyssinia. 

The Abyssinian Cat is a very exotic breed that first developed in the United Kingdom being one of the most popular shorthair breed in the USA.


He is very elegant with a great posture. Has a silky and shining looking coat. Often seems as posing in exhibition. The ruddy and golden hue of its thicked coat makes him seem like with an ethereal light.
There are four varieties of aby colors: the burnt siena color, the red or sorrel with bright glowing red with bits of brown ticking with pink nose and paws, the blue and the a fawn with light rose-beige coat with very light brown color.
The Abyssinian cat is medium in size, very slender but strong and muscular.
The head is a modified triangle with soft contours and large ears that stand more towards the back of his head. The distinctive tabby "M" can be seen in the forehead.
He has very expressing almond shaped eyes, a bit slanting towards the base of his ears. Medium long tail, wide in the base with a slightly conic shape.
Despite his short hair, his coat is very dense but very soft.


In our own words, we are just amazing !!!! We love to be around people !
The abyssinian cat likes to talk and communicate with people with their soft and gentle voice. They will let you know when they want your attention and love, and will show you their love in return.
With their loving nature, the abyssinian is very much in touch with human feelings. Intensely curious, active and wanting to climb to the highest spots in the house.
They love to investigate all around them , wanting to know where you are and play small tricks to get your attention.
The abyssinian is a great companion, but never expect him to be a lap cat, he is always on the run !


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