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We are two happy Abyssinian cats.
Our names are Rocco and Rudy, born in Dallas and now live in Houston, TX. We are brothers that get along as cats do . . . . . . we have good times together however we are also very territorial as any cat is!

We arrived in Houston when we were only 3 months old and we happily and quickly adapted to our new parents and our new home.

Where did exactly out names came from, we dont know. We think my mom is the one that took over. She wanted names with R that were also short as she thought it would be easier for us to understand. Mom picked Rocco first, which sounded strong and masculine, then looked for another name to complement Rocco with, and there was Rudy.
At the same time she wanted names that could be easily pronounced in english as in spanish. We are bilingual, we understand comands in both languages.

Our names perfectly match our personalities.

By now you must know which of us is which, guess?

Rocco, I'm the one with darker coat and the "eye liner" eyes. I weigh 9.5 pounds. I look a bit more corpulent than my brother.
I am quieter than Rudy. I'm more of an observant but I'm the one that loves altitudes and climbs and jumps higher. I love climbing on top of our kitchen cabinets and watch when my mom is cooking dinner!
I am very gentle with my mom and dad. I love to sleep under the covers and love to take the sun in the afternoon. I can say, Rudy and I are very friendly with visitors, friends and whenever we get to travel.

Now it's my turn, Rudy. The cutest cat ever !
I have a light coat, more of the ruddy golden hue of our breed. My name might have come from there.
I weigh 9.2 pounds, slightly thinner than Rocco, but I'm the one who eats more and always wants more !

I'm the mischievous one of the two who likes to get in trouble; not because I'm a bad boy, but because I love to play and run around much more than Rocco does. I become kind of annoying when i'm tired and really want to sleep.  I take forever to lay down and fall asleep, not exactly like cats do.

Although I am the one who gets in trouble more often, I am also very sweet, loving and very tender. I like to show my affection to my parents as well as to our friends and family.

We are travellers, just like Mom and Dad.  We often go to Dallas and stay at Pierre's  or at Moo's; they are our "siblings" .  We love to stay with them for periods of time instead of staying in Houston with the catsitter.

We are very spoiled.  We play with a small mouse tided with a string which we chase around or jump real high to get it !






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